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Thank you so much for the wonderful time Lily has had at Pre School. She has loved it and is very excited about school so thank you for everything you have done preparing her for that. You will see us waving from the other side of the gate.

July 2015

We really appreciate your careful considerations and support for Gwangryul during his Pre School life. We believe he has spent a wonderful time in premier Pre School. Although we are very sorry that Gwangryul spent too short time with nice and kind teachers in Pre School. We hope that we meet you at Johnsonville School after Gwangryul moves there.  

July 2015

Words cannot express how grateful we are that Sofia spent her early years in such a special place as Premier Pre School. We really appreciate the time and energy you have put into her and how much she loves Premier Pre School. As a family we are going to find it hard no longer being part of Pre School but we are thankful to have had so many amazing memories.

Sept 2014

Words do not really express how much and for what we want to say thank you for. Thank you to all you beautiful teachers for keeping a special eye out for Hunil and for being so caring. We will miss you all.

April 2014

To all the wonderful staff at Premier Pre School, I, along with my father Bruce, my special , late mother Elspeth and Joell, would like to say a very big thank you for all the great time, care, love, support and teaching that has been given to not only Joell but our family. You are a special group of people who have made a huge impact on not only Joell but all of us. She has been given the best start I could hope for by attending Premier Pre School .

April 2013

"We have noticed that [Riley] is a lot happier and more focused. We are going to miss you immensely. Both Riley & Tayla have had a great start to their school life thanks to you and your wonderful team. We really appreciate all the help you have given us ..."

April 2013

To the teachers of Premier Pre School, Time seems to have passed very quickly since max first entered the Pre School until now when he is leaving for primary school. As we look back, it is really clear that Max has developed during this time. Our hope for Max has always been to put him on a pathway to becoming a well rounded, happy and heartfelt boy. In this regard we have been able to see the positive influences you have had on him. Max is obviously very dear to us so we both deeply appreciate your contribution to his development. As Max enters primary school, he embarks on the next stage in his growth. We are both convinced he is well prepared, given the time he has spent with you all at Pre School. Our deepest thanks to you. We look forward to Jack enrolling.
To the team at Premier Pre School Thank you most kindly for your hard work and dedication with Anna lee’s growth and well being. You are all irreplaceable .
Nov 13


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