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Meet our dedicated teaching staff


We are the qualified, passionate, teaching team at Premier Preschool who look forward to meeting you and your child.
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Jiana Lyu 

Kia Ora 你好, my name is Jiana Lyu. You can call me Jiana /Jiajia(佳佳). I come from Inner Mongolia, China and have been in New Zealand for 6 years with my family. I graduated from Victoria University of Wellington in 2021 with a degree in teaching (Bachelor of Early Childhood Education)


The thing I value the most in teaching is love and respect. I like to follow tamariki’s interest and support them to develop as capable and confident individuals. It’s essential for young children to develop social skills through emotional regulation and positive interactions. I am honored to be part of their important early years developmental journey.


Apart from teaching at Preschool, I run a dance studio in Wellington. I have a passion in dancing (Jazz, k-pop, Traditional Chinese dance, Hip-hop, etc) and have been dancing for over 10 years. On Sundays, I teach Chinese in Wellington Language School. I certainly enjoy keeping myself busy!


I am looking forward to working alongside the tamariki and their whānau at Premier Preschool Johnsonville.

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Ada (Zixin) Wang
Register Teacher

Kia ora Whanau/family and Tamariki:

My name is Zixin Wang, you can also call me Ada. I am from Xi’an China, which is a historical city. I am graduate at Victoria University and get my teaching certificate on 7th of July 2023. I am a cheerful and lively girl. I have been teaching at Premier Preschool over the last four years. I love working with Tamariki and enjoy seeing them learn and grow as confident and happy individuals.

My personal philosophy in early childhood education revolves around fostering free play and observing children's individual interests. I believe in creating activities and experiences based on their interests, while also incorporating elements of literacy and numeracy as appropriate and in alignment with the preferences of both children and parents. I value the diversity of parents' perspectives and adapt my teaching strategies accordingly.

I aim to further develop my skills in Māori language, sign language, and various teaching strategies. Additionally, I recognize the importance of deepening my theoretical knowledge to better understand and support children, especially when they encounter challenges that require guidance and assistance.

Collaboration and effective communication with colleagues are essential to me. I greatly value working in a team environment where there is open and transparent communication. I strive to be part of a supportive and cohesive team where important messages from parents and children are not overlooked.

I have a great interest in music. I can play a variety of musical instruments, such as Guzheng (Chinese traditional instrument), piano and trumpet. I also learned painting and writing with traditional Chinese writing brush when I was young.


Continuing to enhance my skills, knowledge, and working relationships is an ongoing journey for me in the field of early childhood education.

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Shirneel Dakshana Mala

Kia ora, Namaste, and Bula!


Thank you for sharing your background and experiences. It's wonderful to hear about your journey in Early Childhood Education and your passion for working with young children. Fiji sounds like a beautiful place, and it's great that you had the opportunity to work in a school setting there.


Your appreciation for the ways children learn and your desire to explore the world through their eyes is truly inspiring. It's important to take the time to appreciate the beauty of our surroundings and create opportunities for our children to do the same.


I wish you all the best in your continued work in Early Childhood Education and in providing a nurturing and enriching learning environment for the children in your care. Happy learning to all the children and thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.



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Hatesa Vailoa

Talofa everyone,

My name is Hatesa (Teacher), but Tesa would be fine. I am Samoan and Niuean, hailing from the og area of Porirua where I was born and raised. Allow me to share a little bit about myself - I am the second eldest of 5 children. I derive great joy from being in the company of children, where I can do my best to empower them through learning opportunities and techniques, all while ensuring that we have fun along the way.

I am truly excited to witness the growth of our tamaiti (children), especially as they navigate through various environments, seize learning opportunities, foster relationships, and build friendships. Sharing the knowledge of my culture with others is something I hold dear, and I cherish the connections I make with those who are on the same va'a (boat) as I am, particularly when it comes to learning about children and their diverse ethnic backgrounds.

In my spare time, I relish spending quality moments with my nieces, engaging in games, sports, hitting the gym, and simply unwinding at home with family members. I eagerly look forward to witnessing the learning and growth of our tamaiti (children), and supporting them in making the most of their preschool days.

Ia Manuia.

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